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We believe anyone who wants to move is an athlete, and we're dedicated to the thorough assessment and management of acute and chronic conditions that are prohibiting people from participating in their passions. Our passion is providing conservative care to help individuals reach their health goals, and then educate our patients on how to continue pursuing their goals without relying upon us.


brown and black clipboard with white spinal cord print manual
brown and black clipboard with white spinal cord print manual
Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic services encompass a wide range of chiropractic adjustments, manual therapies, injury assessment/management, rehabilitation, lifestyle changes, and more! Chiropractors manage many conditions including orthopedic/musculoskeletal conditions, head injuries, acute and chronic conditions, and many more!

Sporting Event Coverage

Peak Sports Chiropractic has managed a wide variety of events, placing solo providers on the sidelines and creating emergency action plans involving numerous providers and resource allocation for larger sporting events. As a chiropractor, NREMT, and alpine ski patroller Dr. Jordan possess the skills to manage emergency action planning, pre-event treatment, on-field injury evaluation, and managing return-to-play following injury. He has been blessed with the opportunity to be involved with events spanning from pewee hockey tournaments to professional level international championships.

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blue and green peacock feather
Presentation and Lectures

On behalf of Peak Sports Chiropractic, Dr. Jordan has presented at numerous conferences and venues across the United States and Mexico. He loves to lecture and share any knowledge he possesses! His lecture specialty is head injuries, covering concussions, whiplash-associated disorders, vestibular-ocular conditions, post-traumatic migraines, and other related conditions as they relate to sports and the general population. Depending on the host's need, he can present from 1-8+ hours on head injury acute assessment/management, sideline evaluations, baseline evaluation, evaluation and management of noted associated conditions, the pathophysiology/epidemiology of noted conditions, and managing return-to-learn/activity for athletes and general population patients.

Head Injury/Concussion Management

Peak Sports Chiropractic has a special interest and skills in the management of head injuries. This involves conducting baseline assessments, acute assessments, determining return-to-play following acute injury, assessment of persisting concussion symptoms, evaluation of associated conditions such as whiplash-associated disorders, post-traumatic headaches, vestibular-ocular conditions, etc, and managing return-to-learn/activity/work with patients.

Jordan Knowlton-Key


My greatest area of expertise is in Sports Chiropractic. Within chiropractic, I am specialized in utilizing chiropractic manipulative therapy (also known as adjustments) across the entire body, including in-depth assessments and adjustments of all extremities. In addition to adjusting, I am certified in instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, kinesiology taping (such as RockTape), Dynamic taping, stiff/athletic taping, and a wide variety of rehabilitation exercises. I possess experience in providing sideline medical coverage at a variety of sporting events.

I've been privileged and fortunate enough to achieve my professional goal of working at the USOPC and take great joy and satisfaction in being part of Team USA. I serve as the sports chiropractor at the Lake Placid Training Center within an integrative sports medicine team. Our resident sports are biathlon, bobsled, luge, and skeleton.

Previously, I have worked as a chiropractor at various sporting events, including high school football, baseball, soccer, wrestling, basketball, and weightlifting. I've also worked as a provider at the 2017 USA National Rugby 7's Tournament, Intercollegiate Taekwondo Championships, International Fistball Championships, National Intercollegiate Racquetball Championships, the 2019 USA Taekwondo Nationals Tournament, and many other events. I have a passion for outdoor and adventure sports, which led me to become an Alpine Ski Patroller.

My research focus lies in the field of concussion, whiplash-associated disorders, post-concussion syndrome, and creating proper diagnosing/treatment guidelines. I have witnessed and treated several injuries that blend the lines between concussion, whiplash, and a blend of other conditions with prolonged effects that inhibited individuals from pursuing their goals. This has influenced me to seek the best research, guidelines, and treatment in the management of these conditions and their associated symptoms.

I currently possess licenses/certifications in: Doctor of Chiropractic, Masters of Exercise Science, emergency medical technician, alpine ski patrol, diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians, certified strength and conditioning specialist

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